Quran Auto Reciter

Quran Auto Reciter 4.0

Plays famous recitations of the Quran

Choose from some well-known reciters and listen to the Quran and get alerted when it's time for prayer by an Athan that you selected.

According to Islamic faith, Muslims have the duty of praying several times a day. This program helps practising Muslims to comply with this precept.
The program will activate automatically at preset times to play the Azan, a call to summon the faithful to pray. It has a different Azan for each praying time. You can set the program for playing the Azan at the proper praying times according to your location. Also, you can set the time in which you want to hear a recitation from the Quran. The program only has four built-in recitations, but you can download many more directly from the program's interface.

Besides the option of playing the Quran's recitations, the program offers you to read the actual text of the Quran in Arabic, as well as in English, Spanish, Russian, Urdu, and many other languages. Also, there is a transliteration from the Arabic into English pronunciation. In sum, this program can be very useful for practising Muslims and for those persons interested in Islamic religion.

The program is free to download and use, but you need to provide your name and e-mail address to have access to the download links. Also, you can support the development of this program by making a donation at the developer's website.

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